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Ford Motor Company is the parent company of the brands Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, Lincoln and Mercury. With the quantity of brands under Fords name this has lead to a large variety of ignition and security systems across the various vehicle makes and at Key Masters we can accommodate all of the styles. Whether you have the Push To Start Smart Keys in the new Ford Mustang, a Transponder Key to a F150, a Credit Card Smart Key in the Mazda CX series, a Flip Key in a Mazda 3, the Remote Head Key style in a Lincoln Navigator or anything in between our staff is trained in it all. These keys are regularly in stock* and able to be programmed to your vehicle in under twenty five minutes and at prices well below the dealerships. 

*While we try to keep all keys in stock at all times unfortunately with the popularity of the Ford brand there are times where some versions of a key are out of stock. Please call and speak with one of our techs to confirm your key is in stock before visiting.