Why Choose the Keyless Shop?


Lowest Prices

We offer the lowest prices for Car Keys and Remotes, period.

If we can not offer a significantly lower price then the dealership (typically 1/2 to 1/3) then we do not sell that product.  Feel free to contact us for a quote.


Fastest Service

We typically tell people to give us about 45 min to an hour to complete the job, depending on how complicated and how busy we are.  However, we are typically completed in 20-30 mins and will give you a call right away.

There are jobs that take longer but it is rare and often due to an unforeseeable computer issue.  We will try to update you as soon as the issue arises.


Specialized Knowledge & Great Team

All we do is keys and remotes.  We have all the latest equipment and we know this business well.

Our team is awesome.  Meet them here.
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We Repair

A dealership is not typically going to repair your existing key.  In many cases, the issue is just a broken key shell or remote cover.  We stock most of these and can often repair your existing key for a  fraction of the cost of a new key and you will never know the difference.



We are very conveniently located at the upscale Burlington Mall.  Most customers just run inside for a bite to eat or finish an errand while we finish the work.  Directions can be found here.
We have dedicated parking for our shop so please just pull into one of our four marked parking spaces for fastest service.