Angelo DiIorio
Shop Manager

Angelo is becoming known as one of the most knowledgeable in the franchise for programming car ignition systems and is always bringing new tools to the trade.  He is especially good at programming remotes for aftermarket remote starter systems.

Andrew Ryan

Andrew brings an artisting flair to our team and is really into his cars, especially the Nissan family.  We are excited to have him cutting keys with us.




Henry  Lutwama

Henry takes great care of our customers and really keeps the shop happy with his big welcoming smile.  He says he can play Rugby and Futbol (soccer) but we all have our doubts :)
(855)922-7539 x706


Floppy - on Vacation

Unless it is raining or gale force winds, Floppy can see manning the roof of the Keyless Shop bravely.  Always with a smile and a "wave" Floppy is happy to greet.

Floppy is currently on vacation until the city of Burlington Zoning department provides him a visa to return to his home.